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Internet Service in California

CityProvidersEst. Population
Los Angeles, CA253,857,799
San Diego, CA191,338,348
San Jose, CA21982,765
San Francisco, CA19825,863
Fresno, CA20505,882
Sacramento, CA29475,516
Long Beach, CA26467,892
Oakland, CA18400,740
Bakersfield, CA23358,597
Anaheim, CA20343,248
Santa Ana, CA21330,920
Riverside, CA21313,673
Stockton, CA23297,984
Chula Vista, CA19252,422
Irvine, CA22229,985
Fremont, CA18221,986
San Bernardino, CA22213,295
Modesto, CA18203,547
Fontana, CA22201,812
Oxnard, CA16201,555
Moreno Valley, CA21199,552
Huntington Beach, CA22194,708
Glendale, CA25194,478
Newhall, CA24192,980
Santa Clarita, CA24179,013
Garden Grove, CA21174,389
Oceanside, CA19171,293
Rancho Cucamonga, CA21170,746
Santa Rosa, CA22170,685
Ontario, CA22167,211
Lancaster, CA25159,055
Elk Grove, CA28159,038
Corona, CA21158,391
Palmdale, CA24155,650
Salinas, CA19154,484
Pomona, CA24150,812
Hayward, CA17149,392
Escondido, CA19147,575
Torrance, CA24147,027
Sunnyvale, CA20146,197
Orange, CA21139,419
Fullerton, CA21138,574
Pasadena, CA26138,547
Thousand Oaks, CA18128,412
Visalia, CA18127,081
Simi Valley, CA18125,793
Concord, CA18124,711
Roseville, CA24124,519
Victorville, CA20120,336
Santa Clara, CA21119,311
Vallejo, CA24117,796
Berkeley, CA17115,403
El Monte, CA24115,111
Downey, CA25112,873
Costa Mesa, CA21111,918
Inglewood, CA24111,182
Ventura, CA18110,873
Carlsbad, CA19109,318
Mather, CA27108,400
Fairfield, CA24107,684
West Covina, CA24107,440
Murrieta, CA19106,810
Richmond, CA18106,516
Norwalk, CA24106,278
Antioch, CA18105,508
Temecula, CA19105,208
Burbank, CA25104,391
Daly City, CA19103,690
Rialto, CA21101,740
Santa Maria, CA15101,459
El Cajon, CA19101,435
San Mateo, CA1999,670
Clovis, CA2098,632
Compton, CA2497,559
Vista, CA1996,047
South Gate, CA2495,304
Mission Viejo, CA2095,290
Vacaville, CA2493,899
Carson, CA2493,002
Hesperia, CA2292,062
Santa Monica, CA2491,812
Westminster, CA2091,377
Redding, CA1690,755
Santa Barbara, CA1689,639
Chico, CA1587,714
Newport Beach, CA2287,068
San Leandro, CA1886,890
San Marcos, CA1986,752
Whittier, CA2486,177
Hawthorne, CA2585,681
Citrus Heights, CA2884,870
Tracy, CA2284,669
Livermore, CA1783,547
Buena Park, CA2282,155
Menifee, CA2081,474
Hemet, CA1981,046
Lakewood, CA2480,833
Merced, CA1580,793
Chino, CA2080,164
Indio, CA2079,302
California state flag.

Broadband in California

Since 2009, the California Public Utilities Commission has been awarded $7,981,304.00 in federal dollars for California's "Broadband Task Force" program. California has awarded these monies to 24 organizations and departments within the state.

State to offer up to $55 million annually for discounts to schools and libraries.

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